Saturday, January 26, 2013

Ultimate Stock Finder now has MutualFundEvaluator.xls

Ultimate Stock Finder now has added the MutualFundEvaluator.xls spreadsheet that contains fundamental value data on over 300 mutual funds. You can sort on the key data columns (expense ratio, dividend %, net yield %, 5-Year return, current price to 52 week low) to bring the best performing mutual funds to the top of the list for ease of finding which ones should be considered for your portfolio. Download MutualFundEvaluator.xls at Also check out our Investment Training webpage for clearly written instructions on how to use PUTs and CALLs to Minimize Risk and Increase Profit on Each Buy and Sell. StockEvaluator.xls spreadsheet now has data on over 1,700 companies and more are added every week. Send an email to and tell us about any other stocks or mutual funds that you would like to see added to our evaluator spreadsheets